Fun Facts: Conservation Efforts and some number crunching!

GVZoo Prides itself on contributing to conservation, and have been collecting a 25 cent “Conservation Fee” as part of admission. This has resulted in 90,000 dollars being collected over the past 5 years through a combination of this admission revenue and wishing well stations for people to donate to as well as other client funded donor drives and programs. Their most recent contribution was $32,ooo to a few projects that they list on their site. The Zoo also hosts “conservation” themed events, such as a lego sculpture contest with a higher admission cost than even that which is listed below.

Adult Admission:                          $24.00 – .25 is 1%
Child Admission:                          $18.00     .25 is 1.4%

Day Parking:         $6.00
Bicycle Rental:     $18.00/hour

Other revenue streams: Two concession areas, a gift shop, wheelchair/stroller rentals, birthday party/facility rentals, miniature train, interpretive tours, animal experiences, overnight camp-ins, etc.

With all the Zoo does to generate revenue, even relying on public donation to fund conservation in their own name- is less than 1% enough if they purport to have a “focus” on conservation?

Fun Facts: Animal Life Spans

Here are some of the life spans from animals kept by the zoo, and the average lifespan of their wild counterparts. Use these fun facts to critically examine whether GVZoo keeps animals alive the same or longer, or if animals die prematurely!

IN THE WILD                                                              AT THE GVZOO

Hippos: 40 Years                                                        Gretrude: 22 years old
                                                                                         Harvey:     21 years old
                                                                                         Average: 21.5 years 

Siberian Tigers:                                                        Hani:             2 years old
10-14 years (wild)                                                    Sweetie:    
18 years old
20-35 years (captivity)                                              
 Average: 10 years 

*Interesting fact: the zoo uses the wild life span of Siberian tigers as a barometer for their own success, calling this number an average CAPTIVE life span. Though captivity is not ethical, predatory cats in captivity can often outlive their wild counterparts by a fair margin. With presumably no parasites, predators, and a steady diet with veterinary care, why can’t GVZoo meet or exceed average lifespans?

Rothschild Giraffe: 20- 25 years                       Un-named Baby: .05 years
                                                                                      Jafari:                  12 years old
                                                                                      Eleah:                  23 years old
                                                                                      Amryn:                  3 years old
                                                                                            Average: 8.75 Years

Zebras:                                                                             Zebra 1:              5 years old
10-15 years (wild)                                                        Zebra 2:             6 years old
30-40 (captivity-                                                          Zebra 3:             9 years old
due to lack of predators)                                         Zebra 4:            14 years old
Average: 8.5 years 

These four Zebra died simultaneously after the Zoo introduced territorial adversaries, (Cape Buffalo) triggering a predator-aversion response called Exertion Myopathy. In laymen’s terms: death from fear or panic.