Step into Reality: New pictures and video from GVZOO.

Here are 2 minutes in the life of a Tiger at GVZOo. Note that the constant pacing at the fence line has worn a path into the ground. The zoo will try to explain any of these neuroses as “normal” but this is a well noted pattern with maladaptive or unhappy animals. It doesn’t need to be obvious and overt to be cruel. Let’s observe reality together and change this. Boycott GVZOO until they become dedicated to being a sanctuary that ONLY does rescue and service for animals, not for-profit captivity with distraction “conservation and rescue” practices meant to excuse the death of countless exotic animals ill-suited for this dilapidated old facility and BC’s climate.

Here are some more pictures, taken on Aug 29, 2016 by activists who are not on the radar of the GVZoo. We will continue to visit there to document the legacy of tragedy that is GVZOO: