Fun Facts: Conservation Efforts and some number crunching!

GVZoo Prides itself on contributing to conservation, and have been collecting a 25 cent “Conservation Fee” as part of admission. This has resulted in 90,000 dollars being collected over the past 5 years through a combination of this admission revenue and wishing well stations for people to donate to as well as other client funded donor drives and programs. Their most recent contribution was $32,ooo to a few projects that they list on their site. The Zoo also hosts “conservation” themed events, such as a lego sculpture contest with a higher admission cost than even that which is listed below.

Adult Admission:                          $24.00 – .25 is 1%
Child Admission:                          $18.00     .25 is 1.4%

Day Parking:         $6.00
Bicycle Rental:     $18.00/hour

Other revenue streams: Two concession areas, a gift shop, wheelchair/stroller rentals, birthday party/facility rentals, miniature train, interpretive tours, animal experiences, overnight camp-ins, etc.

With all the Zoo does to generate revenue, even relying on public donation to fund conservation in their own name- is less than 1% enough if they purport to have a “focus” on conservation?