How You Can Help GVZoo Animals

The GVZoo has been around for a while and as such, has managed to convince some that they are here strictly for conservation and welfare of animals. This is a common tactic used by those who display captive animals for profit. The thing is, it just isn’t true.

We need everyday families, friends and supporters like you to voice your opposition to captivity, premature death, breeding and trade of exotic species, and neglectful practices. There are many things you can do to help.

First- pledge to boycott GVZoo until they make the pledge to adhere to recommendations made to them more than once to move toward becoming a healing rehabilitation/release centre and STOP displaying and breeding exotics, or simply until their time comes to accept that Zoos don’t have value in a just and moral society and we shut them down! (yes, we have a plan- check out the We said/They Said tab to see what communication steps we have already taken with the Zoo and how they side step our logical proposal and attempt to mislead.)

Attend our family-friendly in-person protest campaign. Check out Liberate GVZoo Animals on Facebook and join one of the seasonal protests. Showing up and peacefully standing against this facility is a huge step, but you can also help in traditional letter writing and reviewing.

Rate the GVZoo down on Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Facebook and tell people why you are doing so on social media and in person. Share GVZoo Facts posts on social media. particularly the Timeline of Tragedy. We need people to step into reality with us and understand the Zoo’s past and present practices and pressure them to change and become accountable, or close down.

Write to Tourism Vancouver, The city of Langley Township, and GVZoo Sponsors Telus, Impark, Super 8 Hotels, and Eco Sell and tell them why you feel they shouldn’t promote or sponsor the Zoo. Your voice is valuable and strong!

Enjoy animal experiences nearby and elsewhere! Animals don’t need to be taken from the wild, bred, or shipped all around the world in Species Survival Programs that are proven not to help animals when we can connect to all sorts of animals in our own area. Here are some great family friendly places to visit, and other experiences that can still give you and your child a burst of education, interaction, and fun- and right nearby the Zoo!

Visit the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary
Check out Hearts On Noses Pig Rescue